Class Descriptions

Creative Movement1

Introduction to music and movement through creative play and self-expression, develops coordination, musicality and listening skills. Designed to foster a sense of rhythm and provide a fun introduction to dance. Requires Leotard and tights, (tee shirt and exercise pants for boys) pink ballet slippers (none for boys).

Creative Movement2

Introduction to music and movement through creative play and self-expression, develops coordination, musicality, listening skills, and an introduction to beginning ballet and tap dance steps. Designed to foster a sense of rhythm and provide a fun introduction to dance. Requires Leotard and tights, (tee shirt and exercise pants for boys) pink ballet slippers (none for boys), and black tap shoes. These students also perform a dance in the annual recital.

Combination Classes

Excell offers combination classes where students learn two disciplines in one class. Basic dance principles are introduced in a playful, creative manner while ensuring proper skill development for future training. All exercises and music selections are age and skill appropriate. Many young students in combination classes will progress into single-discipline classes as they begin to focus on a particular style, and the foundation for those levels is set in these classes. These classes will each perform ONE routine in the annual recital, despite the dual disciplines. The instructor will choose which discipline to use in the recital number.


This class for tap and ballet will include an introduction to basic ballet vocabulary, arm and foot positions, introductory ankle and foot control and simple tap rhythms (requires leotard and tights with pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes).

Jazz/Hip Hop

This class includes a basic introduction to jazz using simple rhythms, routines, and combinations across the floor, using age appropriate technique and music. Students will also explore fundamentals of hip hop, bringing their own personality to the movements. (requires form-fitting, flexible clothing or dancewear with black jazz shoes)


Ballet is the foundation of all dance movement and should be studied by students of all types of dance. Classical ballet technique builds muscular strength, discipline and poise. All levels focus on the continuing development of skills such as body placement, core strength, expression and position of feet, arms and head. Dress code for all ballet classes is: solid colored leotard, pink ballet tights, with pink ballet slippers. Short, transparent ballet skirts may be worn if desired.

Ballet Beginning

Barre work including arm movements, centre work and traveling movements, simple centre combinations, simple petit allegro work. Basic ballet vocabulary is studied. Each level increases in complexity.

Ballet Intermediate

This level emphasizes more challenging barre work, floor exercises, more complex centre work with adagio, turns and petit allegro/grand allegro combinations. Stretching and extension exercises are included.

Ballet Advanced

This level includes increasingly complex barre and centre work, choreography studies, pre-pointe preparation where appropriate. .


This is the introduction to Pointe work and includes strengthening and stretching exercises for feet, ankles and legs. This begins with barre work and gradually progresses to center and floor exercises. Pre-pointe shoes are used in this class.


For qualified advanced ballet dancers. Pointe is to be taken in conjunction with ballet technique classes and requires instructor invitation. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 weekly ballet classes.


Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. All levels focus on learning and identifying steps correctly and incorporate a variety of music styles. Intermediate and advanced tap classes explore intricate rhythms, develop a strong tap vocabulary, and strengthen performance skills.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a freeform style of jazz with sharp accents. This high energy class encourages individual style and personality, and requires strength and stamina. It is very rhythmic and emphasis is placed on musicality. Jazz training is helpful but not a pre-requisite. Students should wear comfortable and flexible clothing with Hip Hop shoes or high top sneakers (mark resistant).


Jazz is a highly technical dance style set to a wide range of contemporary music. Dancers develop strength with body isolation, jumps, leaps, and turns. All levels focus on development of body placement, stretches and fundamental movements. Students should wear form-fitting dance attire and black jazz shoes.


Lyrical is a style that utilizes ballet, jazz and modern techniques, to result in an expressive dance form that “tells a story” or relates “a feeling”. All lyrical students are required to be enrolled in a ballet class as well.


Contemporary Dance combines the traditional techniques of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz in very untraditional ways. Its growing popularity stems from strong, controlled leg work, improvisation, free upper-body movements, and unique rhythm and tempo changes. In this Workshop, dancers will draw on various dance skills to create original choreography to selected music. Don't miss this chance to collaborate with fellow students and expand your dance experience!


Our Ballroom classes focus on teaching couples the core Ballroom dance steps of Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, Quickstep, Tango, Triple Swing, and Samba. A skill-appropriate Ballroom Dance routine will be taught once dance steps are mastered. This is a fun way for couples to learn to dance together and be prepared to do so in settings outside of the studio. These classes are offered in sessions and begin at the basic level. Those who desire to continue in classes will gradually receive more advanced instruction. A selection of the above Ballroom dance steps will be taught in each session. Please come in semi-formal attire and Ballroom or dress shoes (form-fitting, dress shoes with heels for women/ flexible, smooth soled shoes for men).


Acrobatic movements are combined with dance technique to create a smooth transition between the two disciplines. Students learn the fundamentals of movement and timing with tumbling. Students will increase technique, flexibility and muscle development in a structured and safe environment.

Adult Beginning Ballet

Adult beginning ballet is a fun class for all ages with low impact barre work, and a focus on stretching and strength building. Great way to tone your body and work on core strength. No dance experience required.

Performing Group – by invitation or audition only.